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Social Skills Development Training Program for Children and Youth STEPS TO INDEPENDENCE Trainers Guide 

Methodological Recommendations on Interviewing Minors in a Specialized Facility during Investigation

Surveying HIV Risk Factors among Street Children and Youth in Eight Regions of Russia

Guidebook on Organizing the Volunteer Program "Older Brother Older Sister"

Organization of Comprehensive Services for Women Released from Prison


Interagency Protocol on Responding to Child Abuse

Interagency Protocol on Provision of Services to Women Exposed to Violence

Guidebook on Foster Parent Training

Guidebook on the Organization of a Halfway House – a Transitional Housing Facility for Minors in Difficult Life Situations

Reference Book on Detection and Assistance to Victims of Child Abuse

Guidebook on Integrated Assistance to Street Youth

Guidebook on HIV prevention and Assistance to HIV-positive Street Children and Youth

Methodological Recommendations on Organization of Social Services for HIV-positive Women with Children at Government Social Welfare Institutions

Guidebook on Retaining Family Support for HIV-affected Children

Interdisciplinary Case Management in Provision of Assistance to Street and At-Risk Children and Youth

Prevention Training Program STEPS Trainer’s Guide

Guidebook on Assessment and Interdisciplinary Case Management to Assist Children and Families in Difficult Life Situations


Decision-Making Mechanisms in Child Protection in St. Petersburg. Report on the Results of the Sociological Survey 2006-2007